As the first and only female litigator in New York, with her own law firm devoted exclusively to defense negligence, product liability, defense medical, dental, podiatry malpractice, professional liability, employment law, auto, worker's compensation, general liability and general civil litigation, it would be my pleasure to defend the interests of your company. Our philosophy, tried and true, is leave no stone unturned in the defense of a client.

My current clientele include multi-billion dollar insurance companies. I am proud to be certified by the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization in partnership with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. I have also been certified as a Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise by The City of New York. I have also been certified by New York State as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise. I am registered with the CCR and certified by SBA in the CCR’s DSBS database. My firm would be a valuable member of your stellar team.

We are a dynamic team. In Court, we have a take no prisoners philosophy. Large firms traditionally send young, inexperienced attorneys to Court in most instances, who say “It’s not my file.” Words that never pass our lips. We only have experienced top flight litigators in my firm. We always take the lead role in litigation- not the back seat.

Any law firm if it has the brains and the front-line experience can do the work. What separates me is the personality of my firm; how your problems are handled, how expeditiously, responsibly and responsively they are dealt with, and how comfortable it is to work with us.

Our proven track record of Defendant’s verdicts in the Court Room in a variety of litigation matters would make it beneficial to meet and discuss the possibility of utilizing my firm for your outside panel of defense Counsel.

I started my law firm in a 2x4 office in Manhattan on 6/1/83, answering my own phones and typing my letters and motions. Through hard work, defendants’ verdicts and successful resolution of cases either by motions to dismiss, trial, or appeal, I built up a quality law firm practice.

As a medium sized litigation firm, our personal touch and economic affordability distinguish us from the conglomerate type Wall Street law firms. In a medium sized firm you know the person to reach when you need an answer in a hurry or just want to bounce some ideas around. You also know that one person will be handling your litigation from beginning to end--a promise that cannot be readily made by the larger firms. Consequently, you are getting someone who is formulating the theory of defense from the initial stages of a case, thereby guiding discovery along very specific guidelines at the initial stages of a case through trial.

Our firm is a family and we consider our clients an important part of our family. The pillars of my firm consist of bright, hardworking and caring individuals, whose backgrounds span the breadth of all varieties of complex hard hitting litigation.

We have good investigators and other support personnel. We have state of the art computers, trial graphics and law library.


My firm obtained a landmark decision that hit the front pages of the New York Law Journal. The CREED case involves the erroneous implantation of an embryo into the wrong woman via the in vitro fertilization program at United Hospital in Westchester.

Mr. & Mrs. Creed sued the hospital and my client, the doctor, for alleged medical malpractice, claiming psychological damages over the loss of their embryo. We immediately commenced a motion to dismiss, based upon multiple grounds, in particular, where there is an exclusive claim of emotional distress and no independent physical injury, there can be no recovery.

The lower Court denied our motion to Dismiss and motion to renew and reargue.

We immediately appealed to the Appellate Division 2nd Department. Co-defendant followed suit. The Appellate Division adopted our position and dismissed the case. We accomplished all of this without even taking one deposition.

Some of our more newsworthy cases include the defense of a prominent pulmonologist on Long Island, who was convicted of murdering his wife. The exciting medical and legal twists and turns involved in the defense of his interests in a pending medical malpractice trial is highlighted in the enclosed firm resume and was the subject of a movie, starring Treat Williams, called “Guilty Hearts”.

In one case, we dealt with a young healthy stripper turned Van Gogh, with paintings hanging in prestigious art galleries around the country, who was now comatose, and a foreign unlicensed doctor brought into the operating room by our doctor, potentially causing the fatal injection. The details are contained in the within firm resume.

I have dealt with product liability actions regarding a diversity of complex issues and a multiplicity of products, ranging from alleged exploding coffee pots, defective helmets, monsanto fiber implants, allegedly causing horrific head and scalp injuries and scarring, requiring scalp lifts, neurological and immune system breakdown, etc.; allegedly defective farberware products and universal gym equipment.

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We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

Marian Polovy